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To assist you better as a home-builder, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take to complete my home?
There are too many variables to give a definite answer; currently it is taking approximately 6 months.
When will I know to call PG&E so that they can install the electric meter?
The county will place a sticker or tag on the electric panel near the end of construction. This authorizes PG&E to install the meter. When you see this, you need to call PG&E to schedule an installation appointment. (remember: you must fill out an PG&E application at the start of construction)
How do I know where my electrical panel goes?
The location of your electrical panel is between you and PG&E. To determine this location, you will need to contact them after you have submitted your application.
What if I want to make a change during the home-building process?
You may submit a "change request" by either e-mailing us or contacting the model office. Changes will be granted depending on whether or not the job has progressed past that point. All "change requests" require an owner's signature and payment in full before they will be processed.
When can I put in my septic?
You may put in your septic anytime after the sheetrock has been installed.
When can I put my outside concrete stoops in?
You can put the stoops in after the interior doors have been installed.
Where will my phone and cable be stubbed out?
This location is specific to each project. Therefore, you should speak with the electrician for your exact location.

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